Getting Paid

Setting up PayPal integration

Selling via Tomely is easy. You just need a PayPal Premier or Business account.

1. Set up your PayPal account for Tomely.

Depending on how you already use PayPal, the process will differ.

If you don't have a PayPal account: visit PayPal and click Start Now. When the account selection screen appears, select either "Premier" (if you're an author) or "Business" (if you're a publisher). You'll need to confirm your email address and bank account details before PayPal lets you receive payments.

If you have a PayPal Personal account: you'll need to upgrade to a Premier or Business account. This is totally free. Visit PayPal and click "Already have a PayPal account? Upgrade Now". You can confirm you have a Premier or Business account by checking in the top left-hand corner after logging in.

If you are creating a Business account: on the Select Payment Solution page that appears when setting up your account, select "PayPal as an Additional Payment Option".

2. Set up PayPal Micropayments (optional)

PayPal's standard transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 USD. If you sign up for Micropayments, the fee will drop to 5% + 5¢ USD per transaction (that's a better deal if you're selling ebooks for less than $10). To set this up, head to the PayPal Micropayments site and click "Signup" (PayPal's Micropayments site doesn't work properly in Safari or Chrome, so you'd need to use Firefox or Internet Explorer for this step).

3. Link to your PayPal account inside Tomely

Once you've properly set up your PayPal account, visit your Tomely Profile page. Enter your PayPay login email in the "PayPal email address" field (under "Payment details") and click "Update profile".

You're now ready to sell with Tomely. Note that if any of these steps didn't work, you may be able to upload your ebook, but readers will see an error message when they try to purchase.